Next week is Picture Week!!!

Monday, May 18th – Thursday, May 21st is Picture Week at Dynamic Edge Dance Center. We just wanted to remind everyone of a few things, first off there will be no regular classes.  We will only be doing pictures throughout the week, please see schedule below for your times.  Parents please make sure your dancers are on time and fully dressed, including shoes, tights, and all accessories.  Hair and makeup can be done however you would like with the exception of ballet, please have your hair in a bun for those pictures.  Last, but not least,  parents are not allowed in the photography area so please have your order forms ready to go.  A staff member will collect them when they take your child back.

Thank you for you cooperation and understanding, we cannot wait to see all of the dancers in their costumes!!

Monday, May 18th

4:00 Rule the world/Stand Down

4:30 Swag/When I grow up/Winter Song

5:00 Mon 5:00 Intro to hip hop/ Mon 5:00 Fairy Tale Ballet/ River

5:30 Mon 5:30 & Thursday 10:00 Pre-Dazzler Ballet/Mon 6:00 Dynamic Dazzler

6:00 Mon 6:15 Mini Dazzler/Mon 6:00 Dazzler/Mon 6:00 All Boys Hip Hop

7:00 Mon 7:00 School Dance Team Prep/Mon 7:00 Poms 1/Mon 7:45 Vocal Training

8:00 Requiem of a Dream/Mon 7:45 Hip Hop 2&3/Opening

Tuesday, May 19th

4:00 Lola/In My Own Little Corner

4:30 Show me how you Burlesque/Classic/I Can’t make you Love Me

5:00 Tuesday 5:00 Contemporary 1/Thursday 10:30 Mini Dazzler/Saturday 9:15 Mini Dazzler

6:00 Tuesday 6:15 Mini Dazzler/Tuesday 6:00  Dazzler/Tuesday 6:00 Dynamic Dazzler

7:00 Tuesday 6:00 Acro 3/Tuesday 7:00 Jazz Funk/Surf’s up/Looking Too Closely

8:00 Tuesday 9:00 Pointe/Tag Me/Ain’t Nobody

Wednesday, May 20th

4:00 Solos

4:30 Duets/Trios/Too Much

5:00 Wed. 5:00 Ballet 3/Saturday 11:00 Acro 1/Love Me

5:30 Wed. 5:30 Hip Hop 1/Wed. 6:30 Ballet 2/Gold Dust

6:00 Wed. 6:00 Dazzler/Wed. 6:30 Mini Dazzler/Wed. 6:30 Sports Acro

7:00 Wed. 7:00 Just Jazz Pop Stars/Wed. 7:30 Pre-teen Ballet/Sat. 10:00 Acro 2

8:00 Wed. 7:30 Ballet 4/Grace

8:30 Wed. 8:15 Teen Jazz/It’s My Party/My Heart Still Beats

Thursday, May 21st

4:00 Broken Hearted

4:30 Saturday 8:15 Ballet 1/Soldier Tap

5:00 Thur. 5:00 Pre-Teen Tap/Saturday 10:00 Dazzler/Thurs. 5:45 Pre-Dazzler Pom

6:00 Thursday 6:00 Cheerleading/Thursday 6:15 Mini Dazzler/Thursday 6:00 Dazzler

7:00 Thursday 7:00 Acro 1 & 2/Dancing Moms and Dads

7:30 Thursday 7:00 & 8:00 Musical Theater/Rio

8:00 Closing/Sing Sing Sing



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