Recital Pictures and Tickets

Just a reminder, recital tickets can be picked up next week May 20th-May 23rd while pictures are being taken.  However, to receive your tickets your account must have a zero balance.

Recital Picture Schedule:

Recital Pictures will be taken during you child’s scheduled dance class the week of May 20th -May 23rd unless noted differently on this schedule.  Please make sure you arrive on time and are ready to get your picture taken at the start of your class time.  We do our best to stay on time!  We will not wait for late arrivals.  Even if you are unsure about purchasing recital pictures, please bring your child so they can appear in the class photos.  There is no charge to be in class photo.  Thank You.


Monday, May 20th:

4:00-5:00         All D-Team Soloists, Cooties

5:00-6:00         Mon 5:00 Intro To Hip-Hop, Monserrat

5:30-6:00         Mon 5:45 Pre-Dazzler, Totally Hot, Conga Mix

6:00-7:00         Monday 6:00 Dazzler, Monday 6:15 Mini Dazzler, Monday 6:00 Dynamic Dazzler,

 All Boys Hip Hop

7:00-8:00         Monday 7:00 Poms, Junior D-Team Ballet, A Cappella, ABC

8:00-9:00         Monday 8:00 Contemporary, Moms and Dads, Imagine

Tuesday, May 21st:

4:00-5:00         Opening, Enjoy Being A Girl

5:00-6:00         Tues 5:15 Contemporary, Silk, Wings

5:30-6:00         Call The Law, American Bandstand, Tuesday 5:45 Dynamic Dazzler

6:00-7:00         Tues 6:00 Dazzler, Tues 6:15 Mini Dazzler, Saturday 10:00 Dazzler, Super Bass

7:00-8:00         Tuesday 6:45 II Jazz Funk, Tuesday 7:00 Acro III, Tuesday 7:00 Jazz Funk I,

 Staff Headshots & Group

8:00-9:30         Tuesday 7:45 Hip Hop II, Tuesday 8:00 Pointe, I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Wednesday, May 22nd:

4:00-5:00         Shop Around, Closing

5:00-6:00         Heaven Hop, Rock, Monsters

5:30-6:00         Wednesday 5:30 Pre Dazzler Tap, Janet

6:00-7:00         Wed 6:00 Dazzler, Wed 6:00 Hip-Hop I, Falling Slowly

6:30-7:00         Wed 6:15 Mini Dazzler, Saturday 9:15 Mini Dazzler

7:00-8:00         Wednesday 7:00 Sports Acro, Wednesday 7:00 Poms II, Conductor

8:00-9:00         Wednesday 8:00 Teen Tap/Jazz, Wednesday 8:00 Teen/Senior Ballet, Telephone

Thursday, May 23rd:

4:00-5:00         Some days You Gotta Dance, Thursday 9:30 Pre Dazzler,

 Thursday 10:15 Mini Dazzler, All D-Team Duet/Trios

5:00-6:00         Thur 5:00 Pre-Teen, Thursday 5:00 Mini Cheer, Across The Burren

6:00-7:00         Thur 6:00 Dazzler, Thur 6:00 Cheer, Saturday 9:15 Acro I,

 Saturday 10:15 Acro II

7:00-8:00         Thursday 7:00 Musical Theater, Sat 8:30 Petite Ballet, Runaway, Hang With Me

8:00-9:00         We’re Taking Over, I Like to Fuss



**Recital pictures will be taken during your regular class time, except Thursday morning and Saturday classes.  Please check schedule below!


**Dressing rooms will be in studios 7.  Photographs will be taken in studio 8.  Please be ready to be photographed at your scheduled time, we will not wait for late dancers.  After you have had your picture taken you are free to leave.


** Please come for class pictures even if you are not planning on purchasing any copies.  We will be hanging them up in the lobby!


** No Parents will be allowed in picture area! THANK YOU!


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